S2 E7: Language as a Human Right – Fernand de Varennes

This episode is dedicated to Human Rights Day, which we celebrated on Dec 10th.For this, we have invited a very special guest, and we are honoured to have him with us today: Fernand de Varennes.  Prof. de Varennes was appointed United Nations Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues by the Human Rights Council and assumed hisContinue reading “S2 E7: Language as a Human Right – Fernand de Varennes”


S2 E6: Minoritized Languages – Guillem Belmar Viernes

Did you guys know that it’s estimated that half of the world’s 7000 languages are going to be extinct by the end of this century? Have you ever wondered how this happens, or would you like to know how we can combat this? Then this episode is for you! Our guest today is Guillem BelmarContinue reading “S2 E6: Minoritized Languages – Guillem Belmar Viernes”

S2 E5: Language in Everyday Life – Dr. Isabelle Barth

For today’s episode, we have invited Dr. Isabelle Barth. Isabelle is originally from France, and works as a consultant in languages, plurilingual education and intercultural communication. Isabelle conducts research on family language policies, in particular how they affect families with mixed cultural backgrounds and migrant families. In addition to her research, she founded the MultilingualContinue reading “S2 E5: Language in Everyday Life – Dr. Isabelle Barth”

S2 E4: Child Bilingualism – Dr. Sharon Unsworth

After a wee break, we are back with another great episode on a topic we get a lot of questions about: child bilingualism! For this episode, we invited Dr. Sharon Unsworth, who is a lecturer and researcher on second language acquisition at Radboud University in the Netherlands. Her research focuses on how to best raiseContinue reading “S2 E4: Child Bilingualism – Dr. Sharon Unsworth”

S2 E3: Linguistics and Language Learning – Prof. Ludovica Serratrice

Welcome back to another episode! Today we are joined by Professor Ludovica Serratrice. She is a Professor of bi-multilingualism at the University of Reading and was the Director of the Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism for 3 years. She is also a co-investigator on a project as part of the ESRC (Economic and Social ResearchContinue reading “S2 E3: Linguistics and Language Learning – Prof. Ludovica Serratrice”

S2 E2: Language and Cognition – Prof. Ellen Bialystok

If you have ever studied bilingualism and/or cognition, you will know today’s guest, and are probably as excited as we are.Professor Ellen Bialystok is a Distinguished Research Professor of Psychology and Walter Gordon Research Chair of Lifespan Cognitive Development at York University in Canada, and an Associate Scientist at the Rotman Research Institute of theContinue reading “S2 E2: Language and Cognition – Prof. Ellen Bialystok”

S2 E1: Forensic Linguistics – Dr. Nicci MacLeod

Welcome back to Season 2!Today, we’re joined by Dr. Nicci MacLeod. She is a Senior Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics at Northumbria University. She got her PhD from Aston University in Birmingham where she conducted discourse analysis on police interviews with women reporting rape.  Until 2018 she was employed as a Research Associate atContinue reading “S2 E1: Forensic Linguistics – Dr. Nicci MacLeod”

S1 E17: World Refugee Day – Debora Kayembe

Today’s episode is dedicated this episode to World Refugee Day on June 20th, and we have a very special guest for you, Debora Kayembe. Debora grew up in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.She earned her law degree in Kinshasa and began her career as a human rights activist. After interningContinue reading “S1 E17: World Refugee Day – Debora Kayembe”