S3 E1: What’s a Polyglot? – Richard Simcott

Welcome back to Season 3 of Much Language Such Talk!

To kick off season 3 we have invited a guest that has been on our wish list for a long time. And hold on to your seats because what you’re about to hear is extraordinary. Our guest for today is Richard Simcott.

Richard is a hyperpolyglot, which means he is fluent in more languages than the entire podcast team combined – and there is 9 of us. He has studied over 50 languages, and speaks about 25-30 regularly. How impressive is that!

Richard was born in England and is now considered one of the most multilingual people from the UK. He has studied over 50 languages, and has documented his journey and experience learning several of them. He has been asked to advise on multilingual and multinational projects, and has consulted Forbes magazine (among many others) on language learning. He has been named an ambassador for multilingualism by the German Goethe Institut, has been featured in the Guardian and has co-founded the Polyglot Conference. He is a household name in the polyglot community with 12,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter, 25.000 followers on Facebook and a TikTok channel to help you with language learning, providing tips and fun facts! 

Check out his website, Speaking Fluently, and make sure to follow him on the social media channels linked above!

Listen to the episode here!


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